Dr. Celeste Chamberlain

Dr. Chamberlain is a certified autism specialist with a doctorate in Emergency Management. She is also the mother of a nonverbal child on the spectrum. Join us as she combines personal experience and research to provide you with what you need to know about autism at every age and stage!


  • I'm an autism parent, what can I expect to learn in the Parent Training courses?

    The Parent Training courses are create to help parents with organized resources and information at every age and stage. Parent Training 100, is for parent who just received an autism diagnosis. Information in this course is gear towards parents of children 0-12. Parent Training 200, is for parents of middle school and high school students on the spectrum where we discuss driving, first jobs, bullying and more. And Parent Training 300, is for parents with autistic children transitioning into adulthood, where we go into special needs trust, independently living, college and more.

  • I'm an police officer and would like to know more about the Police Interaction Training course.

    In the law enforcement training course we use hours of real-world footage to show officers different scenarios they may encounter when interacting with some with autism. This course has two quizzes and comes with a certificate of completion. Price can be adjusted for large groups; please contact for more information.

  • Are the webinars really only $3 a month?!

    Yes! All of our webinars are always accessible for $3/month. This includes new webinars that are added monthly! Waitlist to talk to a doctor, therapist or educational expert can be months to years long! Listen to these webinars where we ask the questions and get the answers to what you want to know! As a nonprofit we want to make sure our prices are as low as possible. It's our way of giving back. <3

More Courses Coming soon!

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